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Confusion Issue #26

OMSA Pool RIP (Germany) In Crust we Trust (New Zealand) Skate Central America Tour Shore Skatepark (Mexico) Ohio River (USA) DIY Spots: La CornicheDIY (France) Kampyn DIY (Spain) Sarthopia DIYs (France) Loschteich (Germany) Fernside (California) BBB Bowl (Germany) Barax DIY (Latvia) Hell Camp DIY (Arizona) Artist interview: Jon Ander “Kali” – Lines and Curves (Basque)

Confusion Issue #25

Features: Dirtbags (New York) Shipwrecked (Italy) Skatepark in Tanzania (Africa) Fear and Stoke in Palm Springs (California) Ginnie’s Pool (California) Monumens (Balkans) MY DIY (California / Oregon) Ice Colds: Small Beating (Oregon) DIY Spots: Wellington DIY (New Zealand) Chino DIY (Japan) Tacoing DIYs (Australia) Interviews: Space Bat Killer (USA)

Confusion Issue #24


Interviews: Charlie Martin (USA) Jonas Ginger Bünger (Denmark) DIY Spots: Diy, Pools & Crust (Australia) The Left Hand bowl (Colorado) French Alps DIY Tour Black Rock DIY (England) Spring Ditch (California) Das Loch (Germany) Barbecue DIY (France) Gosford Wave (Australia)

Confusion Issue #14


Skater interviews include:

Kevin Kowalski (USA)
David Sanchez (Spain)
Josh Kotlega (Australia)
David ?Conni? Conrads (Germany)

DIY Spots & Backyard bowls:

Spotter DIY (Spain)
Carcassonne DIY (France)
Mashers DIY (Belgium)


OMSA Tour Portugal
Addis Park in Ethiopia
Girls Skate Tour India
M&M Pool France

and as usual, much more interesting and rad stuff?..

Confusion Issue #13

Confusion Magazine – issue #13

Skate features / interviews include:

Jaime Mateu (Spain)
Shai Balmer (Australia)
Alex Hallford (England)
Martino Cattaneo (Switzerland)
Soup (USA)

DIY Spots & Backyard bowls:

Blue Pool (Austria)
Knock Out Pool (Belgium)
OMSA Pool (Germany)
Graveside DIY (Hawaii)
Portside DIY (Australia)

and of course, much, much more…