Seth has been tearing up spots all over New England for years now. I’ve been shooting him for years, and we put him on flow a while ago so it seemed like a good time to check in and do a quick Q&A.


Nollie spine transfer

I’ve seen you around for a while now, can’t remember when you popped up on my radar. I’m pretty sure it was that snowboard rail jam in downtown. Kind of stopped skating Keene after they took out the pyramid thing in the back. Were you skating back in the Flat Street days? Ya it defiantly could have been that or one of the go Skate Day contest Synergy put on at Keene Park. I have a photo you shot of me on the steep 6” quarter at Keene Park, don’t remember what year it was. Ya I used to skate flat street back in my middle school days an high school days. Until I got to old to go, which is dumb never since your never to old to skate. Flat Street was always a fun place for the winter to go, had a little bit of everything for how small it was.


3 Flip to Fakie

So you seem like an all terrain slayer, don’t really get standard from you where you are like a ledge guy, or a ramp guy, or a drops guy. You just seem to have something on everything. Thanks man appreciate that! Ya I like to think I’m a well rounded skater. I always liked ledges an rails preferred that a little, transition was always around at my local park so only made sense to figure that stuff out. Stairs an gaps are defiantly fun that feeling of floating a big ollie or doing a flip trick catching it an stomping it is so good. Ankles have taking a beating lately so that stuff is a little harder these days. I just love skateboarding so much an want to get that fun an happiness all that shit an more out of all the aspects of skating!


Classic Method Air

You have been in the snowboard rail jam scene for as long as I can remember. I used to use snowboarding as “Nerf” skateboarding – get the air and tricks I wish I could do on a skateboard. Do you quit skating for the winter, or double up? Ya man i hear ya on that! The catching air an floating dong tricks even just floaty pops on a snowboard or hitting a nice kicker is such a great feeling! Not really, I might slow down a little since can’t skate outside. defiantly don’t stop,i don’t think i could stop. I either skate at BUI indoor ramps in Brattleboro or my homie Scotty Dixion’s in Swampsdale (Hinsdale,NH). Scotty’s the man an good friend so always stoping by for a brew an a skate session on the mini ramp/bank or whatever he decided to re design for that month.


High to low shifty

Back in the day you used to get super fierce when you couldn’t land a trick, focusing decks and throwing them out of the skatepark. Haven’t seen you do that in a while, are you mellow in your old age or was it just an angst phase? ohhh damnnn haha, ya man i used to get way pissed, either at my board or the trick, or myself.  I would swear an throw my board around all the time, almost took my homie Dylan out since didn’t look at were was throwing my board. I think once i started getting flow from a deck company i might have started to calm down because i appreciated it more or something, I don’t know why i really stopped might have been old age.Don’t get me wrong i still every once in a while will throw my board an say some shit you would be like “haha fuck is wrong with that dude” sometimes just gotta yell at it then you stop it.


Foot tricks

Lines or Bangers? Damn man thats a hard one. I like them both getting a nice line linked up an made all they way through is a great feeling an good trick muscle memory .A banger is that same thing but maybe a little more cuz you worked for it a lill harder, not that lines are not as hard. but sometime tossing yourself over something an those bails made it feel extra good when your rolling away.


Nollie Melon grab

So this year is coming to a close pretty rapidly. What do you have planned for 2020? Traveling at all? fuck don’t say that JT. I mean fall is on the way which is always nice skating on the east coast right before the snow flies. For 2020 i am not sure what i got planed as far as a good year skating for the Void skate Shop in Brattelboro. As well as to be able to skate an travel when ever the opportunity arrises. An keep on skating through it all.

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