Joey Handy, mellow enough guy until the flip trick pit bull terrier kicks in. Well traveled, contest junkie, and conspiracy theorist – I sent him some questions for the team page after we shot some photos up in Burlington.
Joey Handy Skateboarding


Rocker in the deep
Joey Handy Skateboarding

So where are you out of? I can’t quite figure it out because you have media from Canada, Vermont, New Jersey, Mass, fucking Florida. What’s going on? You have to be one of the most traveled skaters I know. I am from Colchester, Vermont, which is about an hour to Montreal and 3 hours to Boston. I enjoy travelling when I can for various events like concerts, festivals, skate jams, you name it. I frequent Montreal often for events and have a lot of friends up there and around New England from various times we’ve skated. I also recently attended Surf Expo with my girlfriend down in Orlando for the third time recently this year for the All I Need Skateboards mini ramp jam. It’s at the world’s largest Surf Expo. We will be returning for some more events later this year like the Salty Dog Cruise. I hate the cold.


Joey Handy Skateboarding

So I scoped you at Talent years ago, think it was an old timers night or something. there was beer and you working yourself ragged on some line involving that tight pocket on the street side. How long have you been skating?

As of this year (2020) I am 28 years old, and I’ve been skating since I was about 8 or 9 years old. I guess that means twenty years now, which is crazy to believe.


No trick, just art
Joey Handy Skateboarding

Whats up with that lakeside 1/2 pipe? Is that your house?

No. That property belongs to my Father, Aunts and Uncles. It was formerly my Grandparent’s camp on my Father’s side of the family. We used to gather there in the summer for barbeques, riding jet skis, and camp fires. It was very heartwarming looking back on it. Previous to my grandmother’s passing this past January I kind of took over this tiny cabin that’s somewhat run down that used to be rented out located on the property and lived there during the summer. I bought the ramp from someone who needed theirs gone for about $600 about 7 years ago now, and had it brought there on a tow truck and had help from my friend Carrigan and others to assemble it. Dave Wood from Talent resurfaced it with metal and the rest is history. I definitely enjoy having fires and skating it on lazy summer days. I’m very lucky.


Classic nose slide
Joey Handy Skateboarding

I always see you chugging some sort of amino acid stuff and busting Infowars stickers everywhere. Are you like one of those conspiracy guys who is on a health kick so you can be an alpha in the coming apocalypse or something?

I am a huge fan of Info Wars. I have always enjoyed the show and the over the top behavior of Alex Jones. I realize many people may disagree with the views expressed on the show, but I find it highly provocative and entertaining, and I find I am often well informed on current issues and see things in a valid but different way than what is commonly presented to us. In addition to that, I got into buying their products a while back when I quit nicotine and energy drinks. I particularly am a fan of Turbo Force, as it helped me quit energy drinks with artificial sweeteners and too much sugar. I also buy Iodine from them. Say what you will, but I think Info Wars is great and I believe in the benefits of their supplements and enjoy getting their take on current events.  


Joey Handy Skateboarding

You seem pretty down with the contest scene. Most people flake but you just seem to keep the good old every day session vibe going even though there are judges. Is that an act or are you legit just as comfortable competing as you are skating with buddies?

I certainly do more contests than your average skater. I am always looking to travel to new places, meet new people, network, and have a blast doing it. I am relatively confident in my trick set, particularly on quarter pipes, so I enjoy mini ramp jams the best. I get a thrill out of friendly competition and just like the overall vibe of jams. I feel like a lot of people bring their best ability to contests and it’s often where you can see the best performances from people. I make it a point to do as many as I can when work allows it. When you asked me about travelling just now and commented about how much I travel, contests are a major reason for it most of the time. However it is rare that I will go much farther than just around Quebec and New England. I am certainly proud to be able to do it as much as I can and to have so many great opportunities. I have a ton of fond memories of being on the road and doing contests. I plan to keep doing as many as possible while I’m still doing relatively well.


Joey Handy Skateboarding

This spring you are headed down to the Vans thing – any other trips booked?

Yes, my girlfriend and I are headed back to Florida in April for a surfing and skateboarding event involving a ramp on the beach. It will also feature surf vans and is a reincarnation of an old skate festival from the 70’s if I’m not mistaken. In addition to that we are planning on attending the Levitate festival to skate and see some bands this summer, and are booked for the Flogging Molly cruise in November which will feature skateboarding. I am on the verge of buying a house and am trying to do as much unfiltered living as possible.


Foot tricks – Photo: Skate Couch Media
Joey Handy Skateboarding

Trannie or street?

I like to think of myself as an all around type, but honestly I have always been much clearly better at park and transition skating. I don’t like handrails or large drops and I am always considering longevity. I want to skate the best I can for as long as I can, and I made a decision a while back to have a special focus on transition skating for that reason. I tend to do good in those type of events and I have the most tricks on it.


Not Drugs…
Joey Handy Skateboarding

So you get the CH decks on flow (when we have them…) who else is hooking you up these days?

This shop up in Montreal called Skull Central has been flowing me off and on in exchange for clips. It works out great because I’m obsessed with Red Dragon Apparel and they carry a ton of it. Talent Skatepark has always been a great help to me, and I was receiving flow from my local Skull Candy rep for a long time, but sadly that has dried up. Currently I am networking on for extra discounts on Skull Candy and Go pro gear. It’s kind of cool but I wouldn’t call it a sponsorship. I am extremely proud of being a rider for Continuous Highs though and greatly enjoy the graphics and attitude of the brand. I would love to one day be featured on a graphic or have my own signature deck one day. In the meantime I am focused mostly on CH and Skull Central. I don’t ever think I’ll be pro, but I certainly want to gain as much support as possible and do the best I can.


Skateboard Decks

Anything else you want to say?

Just that I can’t wait for the new graphic to drop and see what the next year will bring.

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