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Keep on Skatin’ Black M

$25.00 $20.00

Jeff Wheeler illustration of a @jttaoistchi photo from an epic fall session at Timber Ridge. Printed on an Anvil lightweight 100% cotton ringspun t-shirt.

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This god damn monkey is living his god damn best life right now. He’s giving up on the Green Acres life style and  is heading to the treehouse nightclub that dreams are made of. If your dreams are made of lecherous bunny-ear-hat-clad fellas, chicks in denim short shorts, shrooms, and a presumably endless array of serious cocktails. And his best friend is a fucking snake. Come on. 

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Welcome to Spurbury


My cousin had a VW van one time when we were in high school, and we used to take a lot of acid and hang out at my friend’s farm when their parents were out of town. They had these really aggressive sheep that would come for you. Like, these fucking guys were assholes. And huge. And really filthy. So one time we were out there, at the farm, tripping balls, and going to feed these nasty animals armed with baseball bats (because they would SERIOUSLY attack you), when out of nowhere this goose shows up and screams at us until we ran back to the van and hid. And never fed the sheep. So yeah, this deck reminds me a lot of that. Except in a way nicer way. With zero sheep or geese.